Multi channel network (MCN): Pros and Cons

MCN stands for multi channel network. These are organizations where you can join as a youtuber and enjoy facilities like monetization, easy removal of strikes, content id dispute etc. An MCN is a group or organization who have created an AdSense account in their name and they allow any YouTube channel to get connected with their particular AdSense. As a result all the earnings from these channels will accrue in their account and later distributed among the channel owners after a certain split. Nevertheless the MCN company will cut a share of this revenue earned for themselves.

So the key-point is that if you join a multi channel network, you will no longer be paid from Google directly; the payment will be via that MCN. Most of the MCNs are certified by YouTube and YouTube allows you to join an MCN. Let us now see what advantages and disadvantages MCNs offer. They are listed and described below.

Advantages of joining a Multi channel network

1. Sponsors: If you join a reputed MCN, they will help you get a sponsor for your channel. It is difficult to manage a sponsor for your channel on your own. But when you join an MCN, they will do it for you; definitely they have some benefit of their own in doing this.

2. Removal of copyright strikes: If you wrongly get a copyright strike, then MCN will help you to resolve the issue and remove the strike. But if you really stole someone else’s content, then nobody will be able to help you. If you uploaded a video following fair usage policies and then get a copyright claim, then your MCN will try their best to withdraw that strike, because they too are earning money from your video. They have a direct connection with YouTube. So they will be able to resolve the issue quickly whereas it might be really time-consuming if you directly contact YouTube on the issue. In this case your multi channel network will file a dispute on your behalf through fair usage policies.

3. Collaboration: Multi channel network will help you to collaborate with other YouTubers, in case you found it challenging to find another established YouTuber to collaborate with you. YouTubers who are on the same MCN can easily find each other to collaborate. The thing is that if you already have had some success in youtubing then it shouldn’t be difficult for you to find another successful YouTuber to collaborate with you, even if you didn’t join any MCN.

4. Protecting content: If your contents on YouTube are highly likely to be stolen, then you should probably join a multi channel network right now. Because if you join one such, they will search for culprits who might have stolen your content and impose copyright strikes on them, thus punishing and extinguishing them. For you to find the culprits manually and on your own should be a daunting task.

There are also some other minor facilities of joining an MCN: (i) You don’t have to verify your address to get payment, unlike AdSense. (ii) There are plenty of payment options in multi channel network, other than bank wire and cheque. (iii) There is virtually no minimum amount for payment/withdrawal in case of MCNs.

Multi channel network

Now let’s discuss the disadvantages of joining MCNs.

Disadvantages of joining a Multi channel network

(1) Revenue split: When you join an MCN, your revenue is definitely going to be split. It might be a 80/20 or 70/30 or even a 60/40 split. You get the bigger portion and they get the smaller portion. This split of your actual earnings is worth if you get the facilities from the multi channel network that you are supposed to get.

(2) Fake promises: Most MCNs come up with fake promises to you. Some trusted MCNs may not keep their promises they made unless you are able to have some real success in your channel. It means that when your associated MCN gets nothing or very little through your activities on YouTube, they may refuse to offer you the services they once promised, like copyright strike resolution, protecting your content etc.

(3) Period of contract: When you join a multi channel network, you have to get in a contract with them for a certain period of time which could very from 18 months to even 5 years. So should you have second thoughts on midway, you can not possibly get rid of your MCN and join back in AdSense. That’s why our suggestion is that if you are well-determined that you will stick with the MCN for that period of contract, then you should go for it.

(4) Lack of trust: You may not equally trust a MCN as Google AdSense. When you join an MCN you don’t have any guarantee that you will eventually get your earnings. Although most of the MCNs are responsible to YouTube, but many YouTubers have been allegedly scammed by MCNs in the past.

So consider the above advantages and disadvantages before you finally make up your mind to join a multi channel network (MCN).

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