Youtube Videos Editor: Learn to use that properly

Most YouTubers don’t use YouTube’s built-in video editor. But it might a good idea to master some skills on this tool known as ‘Youtube Videos Editor’. Let’s try that now.

While you’re in your channel’s video manager, click on the ‘Edit’ button beside any video.

Youtube Videos

You will reach a page where you will see the following tabs/buttons.

Youtube Videos

Click on the ‘Enhancements’ Tab. This time you’ll reach another page. At the right-bottom of this page you will see the following button. Just click on it.

Youtube Videos

You will reach ‘Youtube Videos Editor’ page which has the url

So if you know this url you can directly get to the editor page. Also, if you frequently visit this page you will find this url in the address bar of your browser, if you just start typing ‘……’.

Once you’re on the ‘Youtube Videos Editor’ page, you will see your uploaded videos in the right side like in the picture below:

Youtube Videos

Also in the left-bottom portion you will see this:

Youtube Videos

You will either have to ‘Drag videos here’ where marked, or go to the upper-right corner of the video to be added and then click. In the following short video I’m going to show you how to add two videos and then keep first three minutes of the first video and then add the last 30 seconds of the second video. (In this case the second video clip duration is 1:03, so to have the last 30 seconds we just delete the first 33 seconds of it.)

When you’re done with all these, just hit the ‘Create Video’ button in the upper-right corner of the screen, your new video will start to process. It will have processed within different time-spans depending on the size of the video.

Previously YouTubers were free to use any of their uploaded videos in the YouTube videos editor. But recently YouTube has changed their policies regarding this issue. Now users can deal with only the videos that have not been published yet.

You can definitely add Youtube’s built-in free music audios to your videos. But to do that you first have to click on the music icon in the YouTube videos editor section.

Youtube Videos

Now in the following short video we’re going to show how to add music to your video. Try to choose a music-audio that has a consistent length and composure with your video. In this case we choose the ‘Jombo Happy’ music because it has the same length as our video and also the composure seems to be consistent with our video. We simply drag the music to the portion where it reads ‘Drag audio here’. You could also add the music by selecting it (by clicking) and clicking the ‘+’ button to the right end of the music.

Now that you have added the music, click on somewhere on the right grey empty space so that the video will start playing along with the music. Here you get to decide whether the music is consistent with your original video. If you don’t like the music and try another, then cancel the current one by hitting the cross button at the upper-right corner of the music itself. Then try adding another one and test like the previous one. Once you have tested the music with your video and decided to keep it, you can hit the ‘Create video’ button in the upper-right portion of the screen.

The drawback of this procedure of adding music to your video is that you can’t change adjust the volume-level of the music to suitably adapt with your video. For that we will show you another procedure of adding music to your video where you will be able to adjust the volume-level of the added music.

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