Youtube search: How to rank your video higher

Youtube search
Rank your Youtube videos high as those buildings in the distance

A few best jobs to make your video rank higher in Youtube search results

You have to optimize your youtube video to see it at the beginning (or in the first page) of a particular search result. It is often seen that when you publish a new video it shows at the top of youtube search for a while and then later it doesn’t do that any more. This happens due to lacking of proper optimization of your video.

I have done some study regarding Youtube video optimization and learnt a few things. Now I’m going to share them with you guys. I hope this will help you. Also any kind of suggestions on this topic is most welcome. Below are the tips for Youtube video optimization:

The following facts will be useful only when your video will be able to value the viewers. The video itself must be beautiful and informative. Both Onpage Optimization and Offpage optimization are important to bring your video in ranking for Youtube search results. Let us now see how to do Youtube optimization.

Onpage optimization

1. Relevant keywords: Like a blog post a Youtube video too should have some relevant keywords which is really very important. The videos with relevant keywords are the ones to show up at the top of Youtube search results. The most relevant keyword of the video must be mentioned within the first 50 words of description.

2. Video title: The most targeted keyword must be given in the video title. See to it that your title doesn’t confuse or mislead a viewer. The title must begin with the keyword and you must make it attractive so that the viewer takes a single look at this and they know it is the right video for them. For a video of a series the serial number must be mentioned in the title. As a result the previous and the following videos to this one will be in the suggested videos.

3. Video tags: The tag section of a video must be filled with relevant keywords. Your video will be presented to the viewers based on these keywords.

4. Video description: You must nicely write the description for a video. Youtube prefers videos with description containing more than 300 words. The description must be unique and formatted which will have enough information about the video. It is good to mention the keyword 4/5 times in the description.

5. Thumbnails: Thumbnail makes the first impression for a video. When your video is done uploading and processing three thumbnails are automatically suggested. Yet a customized thumbnail is preferred when Youtube considers your video ranking.

6. Video transcript: If you want to rank your video higher then transcript has really some importance. You have to make your video transcript with the best keywords.

7. Channel authority: Youtube channel authority really plays a great role in ranking your video. Channel authority means more engagement of the viewers with the increasing number of views. It also means your channel’s linking with websites and social media pages.

These are basically Onpage optimization for your Youtube video ranking. Let us now see what we must do for Offpage optimization.

Offpage optimization

1. High retention views: It is really important how many people saw your video and also for how much time. High retention view means viewing for at least 50%-60% of your video length.

2. Video comments: Comments are important to develop your video rank and channel authority. A good video has many positive comments which means that viewers really took the video seriously. Do not forget to say ‘thanks’ to a good/complementing comment. Also be sure to answer questions when asked. But beware of commenting just like that, as Youtube might mark them as spam.

3. New subscribers: If a viewer likes your video, they might subscribe to your channel for the next video or update. So the increasing number of subscribers will prioritize your channel to Youtube which will in turn help it to grow further.

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