Make tutorial for Youtube: Learn how to do that in a simple way

How to make tutorial for Youtube in a simple way

Today I will let you know how to make tutorial for Youtube in a simple way. You can use the same procedure to create other types of videos as well. Different people use different techniques to make tutorial videos. I will present mine. I hope you will like it. If you know a better way to make tutorial videos, then at least be mindful to appreciate my hard work. Here I won’t show how to create intros and outros for videos.

The major challenge in creating a tutorial or lecture-based video is to combine a video and an audio file. There are many screen-recorders which let you record your device’s screen while you’re orally lecturing and recording your voice. But they come up with a very low recording quality. In my first few months of youtubing career I used to do this using icecream screen recorder.

make tutorial by icecream recorder
icecream screen recorder

As a result the first few videos that I created had a lot of audio noise. I even tried a number different microphones, but couldn’t find satisfactory results. That’s when I was planning to get rid of this problem and came up with the idea of combining video and audio files. That means, I planned to record the device’s screen with icecream recorder and simultaneously record my voice with some other means. This idea was a milestone in my attempt to make tutorial for Youtube.

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The android app to use for voice recording

I used an app by name of ‘Hi-Q mp3 rec’ on my android phone to do that. If you make a search on Google Play Store for Android for that app, you will find it. There might be many other apps for the same purpose. But I preferred this one. This lets me record my voice with crystal-clear sound quality, as its name suggests.

make tutorial by Hi-Q mp3 app
Hi-Q mp3 voice recorder

However according to my technique, you need to make some changes in the settings of icecream recorder. You need to ‘OFF’ the sound/audio input from microphone. Also select best video quality and web/Avi format. Normally when you hit the ‘REC’ button to record, it takes 2/3 seconds to start recording. There is another option, by selecting which you can start recording immediately without any delay.

But I prefer the first option, i.e. I want that 2/3 seconds delay. The moment I see the recording has started on icecream, I immediately hit the red record button on my Hi-Q app on phone. Then I put the phone very near to my mouth. Generally I lay my head on my pillow while doing recording. You can do the same, or you can do that in sitting or even standing position, i.e. while you record your device’s screen and own voice to make tutorial for Youtube.

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Once the recording is finished, I first stop recording on icecream and then immediately do the same on the phone-app. This way, in most of the cases, the lengths of the video and audio files are almost equal. Even if there is some difference in duration, it is very negligible. Then I take the audio file into my laptop or windows tab.

Combining the video and audio files

Now the challenge is to combine the video and audio files. I use ‘cutevideoaudiomerger’ to do that. Be sure to choose ‘best’ output quality and MP4 format here to make tutorial. Or you may get poor picture quality of your combined video which is totally undesirable.

make tutorial by cutevideoaudiomerger

The output video that you get by following this procedure might be of around 200MB in size for every 10 minutes duration. This is not such a big file size. It is worth to mention that in the free versions of ‘Hi-Q’ and icecream apps you can not record more than 10 minutes at a stretch.

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