YouTube monetization: Video is Monetized Still No Ad_ Here’s why…

YouTube monetization
Video is Monetized with green $ sign, still No Ad?

You have the green $ sign beside your videos, but no ads are shown..

You have properly monetized your channel and videos. But when you view your videos, you see no ads beside your videos. You get tensed. Because what is the use of a lot of views if ads are not shown and you’re unable to earn revenue. Many YouTubers have been reporting the same problem now-a-days, although their AdSense account is in good standing. This article is for those who have this ‘YouTube monetization’ problem.

Beware about the content of your video

Make sure that your video does not have any sexual or vulgar content or violence or controversial political content. There are many YouTubers who work with recently trending topics. If you are one of them, make sure to work with non-controversial topics only, no matter how alluring and tempting the controversial topics might be. Because YouTube wants to work with everyone and doesn’t want to go against any group of people with a particular political view or from a particular ethnic group.

YouTubers who have sensitive (including sexuality and nudity) content in their videos have ultimately those videos demonetized, although the $ sign would be still there. That means these videos with sensitive content have been filtered by YouTube’s recent algorithm/policies. Even many big YouTubers aka ‘Gods of YouTube’ have been victims of the same situation. Because many of them use vulgar or explicit words and abusive language in their videos. Try not to use these words in your videos. (This tutorial is dedicated to get rid of YouTube monetization problem.)

If you have this sort of language in any of your videos which don’t show ads, then consider that this is the reason behind this and try to get rid of it ASAP by muting or cutting off that particular portion(s). In a nutshell, leave no stone upturned to make your videos advertisers-friendly. Because at the end of the day, it’s advertisers who decide whether to put ads on certain videos or not. So the video content mustn’t offend them or their clients in any way.

Misleading metadata may cause ‘YouTube monetization problem’

Beware of using misleading metadata. It may bring you a lot of views indeed, but in turn could demonetize your video itself. That means, a lot of views but no to poor earnings. So try to provide accurate and appropriate metadata. Go through the following article in case you didn’t know what metadata and misleading metadata are:

Metadata: When it becomes misleading and leads your YouTube account to termination

Here I would like to add a few words on ‘Tags’. Many people tend to use a lot of tags on each and every of their videos which is surely a bad practice. You should not use more than 10 tags for a single video and they must be to-the-point relevant with the video itself. FIY advertisements bids are placed based on the tags (keywords) of videos, so be very careful when using them. You should use proper tools to select tags, like AdWords Keywordplanner. Many people use other tools along with AdWords Keywordplanner for maximum optimization. (This tutorial is dedicated to get rid of YouTube monetization problem.)

Is your video language supported by AdSense?

The following languages are supported by AdSense. That means any YouTube channel or website looking to monetize their content through AdSense must use any one or more of these as their primary language.

YouTube monetization
Languages that are supported by Google AdSense

If Your channel videos use any language other than the above-mentioned, then most probably they will not be supported by AdSense. Hence you won’t be able to earn from those videos. So make sure that you are using one or more of the above languages in your videos. You just need to use these languages in your videos’ metadata (title, description, tags etc.), nevertheless while giving speech or lecture in the video you can use any language whatsoever. It won’t be a problem. There are many successful YouTubers out there who use English to represent their videos’ metadata, but they give speech in some other language (supported/non-supported by AdSense). You can do the same. (This tutorial is dedicated to get rid of YouTube monetization problem.)

The technique to use on custom thumbnail to make sure your video isn’t misleading

It would be wise to put some fonts of the language you’re going to use for lecturing on the video thumbnail. As a result of this a viewer easily understands whether your video is suitable for them or not, those special fonts tell it all. If all the metadata (including the thumbnail) of a video indicates that it is suitable/created for a English-speaking person and when such a person starts watching the video and finds that the lecture is given in some other language like Spanish or Hindi, they may be irritated and hence decide to report the video in some way. That’s why we give you the above suggestion about custom thumbnail.

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Are you using Ad-blocker? Calm down, ads might show on other PCs

Are you using Ad-blocker on your browser? If you are, then ads won’t show on your YouTube videos in that browser. So to properly check whether ads are showing or not, first withdraw/uninstall Ad-blocker. If ads still don’t show on that browser in your PC, then you can try it on some other browser, or even someone else’s PC. If it still doesn’t show on another PC, then try the whole thing some other time/day; for YouTube doesn’t always have enough ads to show on all channels/videos.

Then again if you’re trying this whole procedure in a mobile device (specially Android phone), then you should know that in such devices only skippable ads are shown, which are sometimes very few in number. Here you should be reminded that you must not click on your ads in any circumstances, because this is strictly prohibited by Google. Another way to do this whole procedure is to check your ‘ad performance’ in your YouTube channel analytics. There you will have some indication whether your ads are monetized or not. (This tutorial is dedicated to get rid of YouTube monetization problem.)

Try demonetizing and then monetizing your videos

When you make sure that all the above-mentioned criteria are met/satisfied, but ads still don’t show, then you can try the following method suggested by many expert YouTubers. Go to the video manager of your channel, select the video(s) where ads don’t show, demonetize them by following steps:

Actions (drop down menu) —-More Actions —— Monetization ——Off—–Submit

Your video(s) are demonetized now. Now you have to monetize them back by following almost the same steps:

Actions (drop down menu) —-More Actions —— Monetization ——Monetize with ads—–Submit

Look at the following pics, then you will understand this procedure better.



Now you can hope that ads will start showing on your videos. (This tutorial is dedicated to get rid of YouTube monetization problem.)

Other reasons why ads may not show on your videos

  • Those who have red subscriptions on YouTube, they may not see ads. Although this is really a very rare case.
  • YouTube channels with less than 10,000 views are not eligible for monetization, so ads won’t show on their videos.
  • Videos that have been age-restrcited are not suitable for viewing to people of all ages, that’s why they won’t be monetized.
  • Videos where third-party copyrights claims are and if that party chooses not to allow your video to monetize. Sometimes they allow monetization and takes the half of the revenue earned.
  • If you received copyright/community strikes then YouTube may not allow you to monetize your videos. This could also happen due to a bad-standing or termination of your AdSense account. So neither you nor your associates click on your ads.
  • Make sure that Ad formats (overlay ads, skippable ads, sponsored cards etc.) are turned on for all your videos (see whether the check boxes are properly checked).
  • Your videos must be public instead of private or unlisted to show ads on.
  • Go to your YouTube accounts settings page with url to see whether monetization/ads are enabled for your channel.
  • Make sure that your videos are advertisers-friendly and don’t contain any misleading metadata or sensitive content.
  • Sometimes you may be challenged by YouTube authority to show your commercial rights on every content of your videos. If you can show that, your videos will be monetized again.
  • Your video content must comply with YouTube Partner Program policies, YouTube’s Terms of Service, and Community Guidelines. YouTube reserves the right to disable monetization for accounts that do not follow their guidelines.
  • You can’t monetize a video if it has music you purchased on iTunes or content you taped off of television. (Previously the television thing was pretty much allowed, but not anymore. Anyone caught doing that red-handed will have their channel terminated.)
  • You can’t monetize something when you edit together a compilation of content created by others.
  • Ads won’t show on content with violence and/or nudity meant to shock and disgust.
  • If you’ve enabled ad-blocking software or add-ons and extensions on your browser, you might not see ads on your video. Try turning off the software or extension.

Sometimes there might be a yellow $ sign beside a video. It means that if you change a certain aspect of that video, it might be eligible for monetization. Many a times simply changing the thumbnail does the job. (This tutorial is dedicated to get rid of YouTube monetization problem.)

The last choice that you are left with

If none of the above tricks help you, then you need to contact YouTube authority/official about this issue. Go to the bottom section of any YouTube page and click on the ‘Help’ button. A dialogue box will open where you will be clicking on ‘Send Feedback’. Another new page will show. In the feedback (upper) section you will write “My channel has unique videos that I solely own and I have maintained YouTube’s TOS and community guidelines. There are no strikes on my channel. My monetization is enabled, also the AdSense account is active and in good-standing. Dollar sign against every video is appearing green, still Ads don’t show on my videos. Also Ad performance is showing no monetized view. Please do look into this matter as soon as possible.” At this time be mindful to enclose a screenshot showing that the green $ signs are there beside your videos.

I hope you will have a positive reply from YouTube and ads will start showing on your videos. In case you get a reply stating that “It’s a technical issue for many. We’re working on it.” and ads still don’t show on your videos, then wait a couple of days and send the same feedback again. This time it might work. (This tutorial is dedicated to get rid of YouTube monetization problem.)

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YouTube tutorials: How to make the most out of it

Let’s learn and teach by YouTube tutorials is an amazing website for watching videos and sharing them. There are so many things to teach and learn here on YouTube. As if this is a digital ‘genie of Aladdin’. Just upon a bit of scratch (read ‘search YouTube’) the genie will come out and ask, ‘What do you want to learn, master?’ Here we present an article on this popular medium of education named ‘YouTube’ and show you the basic points to make amazing YouTube tutorials.

We all have gone through certain schools and colleges, haven’t we? But do you know what the biggest school of current time is? It is YouTube indeed. Are you surprised? Surprised or not, it is a fact. YouTube is such a giant website where anybody can learn anything. YouTube tutorials might be regarding a mere childish game like ‘bottle flip’ or a difficult formula related with ‘rocket science’.

What you could share as YouTube’s learning tools

Suppose that you like to sing, people around you call you ‘a bathroom singer’. But you want to be a real singer. What might be the possible solution of this? It is YouTube itself. If you search it you will learn the procedure and rules to learn music, also how to play guitar or any other musical instruments. Now assume that you are a big football fan; football is your dream and passion. It is YouTube which will help you to watch any videos on football.

Want to learn a new language? Seek help from YouTube. When you have finished watching a couple of YouTube tutorials on your preferred language, you will have some idea about it. Again, you might be interested in cooking, but you don’t know how to cook. Not to worry, YouTube is here to your help. You can master cooking a certain recipes just by watching a couple of YouTube videos. From various scientific experiments and analyses to all the effective tips on life (life-hacks), it is YouTube who teach you all that.

Incredible things YouTube tutorials can do

Interestingly enough, YouTube even saves lives. Suppose someone is very much frustrated about their life. They decide to suicide and thus get rid of their painful and fatigued life. There are thousands of videos on YouTube to inspire such person with suicidal tendency. Upon watching these videos that person is obliged to think that even his life has significance. Once upon a time we all had different sorts of hobbies. Someone liked to sketch, someone to sing and others liked to write. You might have noticed that now-a-days all our hobbies have pretty much vanished. We tend to get involved in competition knowingly and unknowingly.

If you keep learning new things every single day, then your new and newer hobbies will be created. By constantly practicing your hobbies you will be able to discover yourself. Now that YouTube is providing so many new things to learn, why shouldn’t we utilize those opportunities?

YouTube tutorials
We must prefer the quality of the content over the technical details of the video

If you too want to be a YouTube teacher

YouTube has been one of the most popular sites in any country over the last 10 years. Many people have taken YouTubing as their profession. If you want to know how to earn from YouTube then read other articles from this blog. YouTube could be the right place for us to do something new. Many of us are expert in many things, then why don’t we become teachers ourselves? You don’t need to be a billionaire to become a YouTuber. Just a smartphone or a computer and an internet connection are enough to do that.

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When starting YouTubing you just need to keep a couple of things in your head. Let’s discuss a few topics like that.

# You have to find yourself a suitable theme. This is also known as ‘Niche’. Find what you’re good at, which quality of yours is appreciated by people – find that first. Then start acting accordingly. May be you can sing pretty well, you may go ahead with that. Don’t just try to mimic others, don’t try to do something you’re not good at.

# The content of your video is much more important than technical details like which camera you used to record or the captured sound quality. If your video’s content is unique, then viewers will watch that with a lot of enthusiasm.

Confidence does matter

# You have to be confident in front of the camera. Must keep in mind that you’re the king before the camera. That’s why you have to record the videos with faith and bravery in your mind. If you don’t feel confident in front of the camera, then the whole video will feel unacceptable to the viewers.

# You have to make sure that viewers are connected with the content of your video and they like your video. Also see to it that your presentation becomes easy and subtle. The more complicated and analytic video you will present, the range of viewers will be more limited. So you will have to make video content based on viewers’ mentality and psychology.

# You have to put a lot of integrity, time and labor to make a good and popular video. If you lack in any of these then your chance of becoming a good YouTuber will really be remote. The time of the day that we spend on social media platforms, we could easily use that time in YouTubing.

So you must keep in mind the above points in order to make superb YouTube tutorials.

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Youtube search: How to rank your video higher

Youtube search
Rank your Youtube videos high as those buildings in the distance

A few best jobs to make your video rank higher in Youtube search results

You have to optimize your youtube video to see it at the beginning (or in the first page) of a particular search result. It is often seen that when you publish a new video it shows at the top of youtube search for a while and then later it doesn’t do that any more. This happens due to lacking of proper optimization of your video.

I have done some study regarding Youtube video optimization and learnt a few things. Now I’m going to share them with you guys. I hope this will help you. Also any kind of suggestions on this topic is most welcome. Below are the tips for Youtube video optimization:

The following facts will be useful only when your video will be able to value the viewers. The video itself must be beautiful and informative. Both Onpage Optimization and Offpage optimization are important to bring your video in ranking for Youtube search results. Let us now see how to do Youtube optimization.

Onpage optimization

1. Relevant keywords: Like a blog post a Youtube video too should have some relevant keywords which is really very important. The videos with relevant keywords are the ones to show up at the top of Youtube search results. The most relevant keyword of the video must be mentioned within the first 50 words of description.

2. Video title: The most targeted keyword must be given in the video title. See to it that your title doesn’t confuse or mislead a viewer. The title must begin with the keyword and you must make it attractive so that the viewer takes a single look at this and they know it is the right video for them. For a video of a series the serial number must be mentioned in the title. As a result the previous and the following videos to this one will be in the suggested videos.

3. Video tags: The tag section of a video must be filled with relevant keywords. Your video will be presented to the viewers based on these keywords.

4. Video description: You must nicely write the description for a video. Youtube prefers videos with description containing more than 300 words. The description must be unique and formatted which will have enough information about the video. It is good to mention the keyword 4/5 times in the description.

5. Thumbnails: Thumbnail makes the first impression for a video. When your video is done uploading and processing three thumbnails are automatically suggested. Yet a customized thumbnail is preferred when Youtube considers your video ranking.

6. Video transcript: If you want to rank your video higher then transcript has really some importance. You have to make your video transcript with the best keywords.

7. Channel authority: Youtube channel authority really plays a great role in ranking your video. Channel authority means more engagement of the viewers with the increasing number of views. It also means your channel’s linking with websites and social media pages.

These are basically Onpage optimization for your Youtube video ranking. Let us now see what we must do for Offpage optimization.

Offpage optimization

1. High retention views: It is really important how many people saw your video and also for how much time. High retention view means viewing for at least 50%-60% of your video length.

2. Video comments: Comments are important to develop your video rank and channel authority. A good video has many positive comments which means that viewers really took the video seriously. Do not forget to say ‘thanks’ to a good/complementing comment. Also be sure to answer questions when asked. But beware of commenting just like that, as Youtube might mark them as spam.

3. New subscribers: If a viewer likes your video, they might subscribe to your channel for the next video or update. So the increasing number of subscribers will prioritize your channel to Youtube which will in turn help it to grow further.

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Make tutorial for Youtube: Learn how to do that in a simple way

How to make tutorial for Youtube in a simple way

Today I will let you know how to make tutorial for Youtube in a simple way. You can use the same procedure to create other types of videos as well. Different people use different techniques to make tutorial videos. I will present mine. I hope you will like it. If you know a better way to make tutorial videos, then at least be mindful to appreciate my hard work. Here I won’t show how to create intros and outros for videos.

The major challenge in creating a tutorial or lecture-based video is to combine a video and an audio file. There are many screen-recorders which let you record your device’s screen while you’re orally lecturing and recording your voice. But they come up with a very low recording quality. In my first few months of youtubing career I used to do this using icecream screen recorder.

make tutorial by icecream recorder
icecream screen recorder

As a result the first few videos that I created had a lot of audio noise. I even tried a number different microphones, but couldn’t find satisfactory results. That’s when I was planning to get rid of this problem and came up with the idea of combining video and audio files. That means, I planned to record the device’s screen with icecream recorder and simultaneously record my voice with some other means. This idea was a milestone in my attempt to make tutorial for Youtube.

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The android app to use for voice recording

I used an app by name of ‘Hi-Q mp3 rec’ on my android phone to do that. If you make a search on Google Play Store for Android for that app, you will find it. There might be many other apps for the same purpose. But I preferred this one. This lets me record my voice with crystal-clear sound quality, as its name suggests.

make tutorial by Hi-Q mp3 app
Hi-Q mp3 voice recorder

However according to my technique, you need to make some changes in the settings of icecream recorder. You need to ‘OFF’ the sound/audio input from microphone. Also select best video quality and web/Avi format. Normally when you hit the ‘REC’ button to record, it takes 2/3 seconds to start recording. There is another option, by selecting which you can start recording immediately without any delay.

But I prefer the first option, i.e. I want that 2/3 seconds delay. The moment I see the recording has started on icecream, I immediately hit the red record button on my Hi-Q app on phone. Then I put the phone very near to my mouth. Generally I lay my head on my pillow while doing recording. You can do the same, or you can do that in sitting or even standing position, i.e. while you record your device’s screen and own voice to make tutorial for Youtube.

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Once the recording is finished, I first stop recording on icecream and then immediately do the same on the phone-app. This way, in most of the cases, the lengths of the video and audio files are almost equal. Even if there is some difference in duration, it is very negligible. Then I take the audio file into my laptop or windows tab.

Combining the video and audio files

Now the challenge is to combine the video and audio files. I use ‘cutevideoaudiomerger’ to do that. Be sure to choose ‘best’ output quality and MP4 format here to make tutorial. Or you may get poor picture quality of your combined video which is totally undesirable.

make tutorial by cutevideoaudiomerger

The output video that you get by following this procedure might be of around 200MB in size for every 10 minutes duration. This is not such a big file size. It is worth to mention that in the free versions of ‘Hi-Q’ and icecream apps you can not record more than 10 minutes at a stretch.

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