Youtube earnings: Does the future look quite dim?

Future of youtube earnings
youtube earnings

Does the future of youtube earnings looks dim?

Recently Youtube has been losing more advertisements due to having content that promotes terrorism and low-class videos. As a result of that, Youtube now runs the risk of losing their million-dollar business. Recently a few more big business organizations have declared to boycott Youtube on advertisements which in turn may affect youtube earnings.They allege that their ads are shown besides videos that promotes terrorism and nudity/sexuality.

Some organizations already have declared to stop/withhold giving advertisements on Youtube. More names are being added to this list. Many advertisers have expressed their suspicion about Google’s ability to stop showing ads besides low-class videos. Last Friday (24th march, 2017) Pepsi co, Walmart Stores and Starbucks confirmed that they have temporarily stopped putting ads on Youtube. One article published in Wall-street Journal says that Google’s automated system has associated their brand with at least five videos that are alleged to have racist content. Currently four hundred hours of videos are uploaded on Youtube every minute. Advertisements are automatically shown before, after and in the middle of these videos. Now the question is, will Google take measures to save youtube earnings?

Google promises to overcome this issue

When contacted, Google promises to stick to their latest policy on this issue. The organization hints that they are hopeful about satisfying their clients (advertisers). Google has recently announced that they will stress further to stop showing ads besides videos that preach hate, attack and harm. The chief Business Official of the organization Philipp Schindler wrote on a blog-post on last Tuesday that ‘We are concerned that this is not acceptable to the advertisers and organizations who put their faith in us.’ He promised to appoint even more officials in the company to review all the videos of Youtube to find the ones ineligible to show ads with.

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But Google’s chief Business Official’s promise didn’t apparently assure the advertisers organizations. Even after his speech, HSBC Holdings, Royal Bank of Scotland, Lauriel, multinational telecommunication organization AT&T, internet company Verizon Fios, German car manufacturers Volkswagen and Audi and many other business organizations like these have decided to boycott Youtube.

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