Subscriber count decreasing day by day? Here’s what really happened.

subscriber count
A glimpse of Youtube analytics on channel dashboard

My youtube views and subscriber count are decreasing day by day? Why is it happening?

You most probably followed your Youtube channel’s dashboard. Your dashboard shows analytics for the last 28 days. Suppose today is 31 January and your Youtube dashboard shows analytics for January 02-29 and in this time-interval you had 950,000 views, $190 earnings and 100 new subscribers; but your views were 1,000,000, earnings were $200 and new subscribers were 95 for January 01-28. So when your analytics were updated from January 28 to January 29, you saw a decrease in views, earnings and subscriber count and you got really shocked as to why the hell earnings should decrease.

Well, now you know the reason. People who started youtubing recently, are likely to go through this experience. If you want to see analytics (views, earnings and subscriber count) for lifetime, follow this link: . You will get to the ‘analytics page’ of Youtube. In the top-right corner, you will see this drop-down box.

subscriber count
The option to choose time-interval to view analytics

You click on the box and you get to see the following drop-down menu.

subscriber count
Choose one time-interval to view analytics

From here, you either select ‘Lifetime’ or ‘Custom range’, if you need to see analytics for a particular time-range.

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Can I get a copyright strike if I don’t monetize the video?

Yes, you can. Although you’re not monetizing the video, but you can still have new subscribers through this video and thus grow your channel. So before you use someone else’s video, be sure to have the video-owner’s permission, or they may choose to impose a copyright strike on your channel.

Do Youtube authority always work on ‘strikes’ basis?

Many people in recent days have been reporting that their channel didn’t have any copyright or community strikes. Yet all of a sudden it got terminated. Why this happened? Well, Youtube has a policy that they might terminate a Youtube account if the user is found to have done a severe violation, like threatening someone through a video or showing predatory behavior, impersonation, hate-speech etc. So if you ever find your Youtube account suspended all of a sudden without receiving any reason from the Youtube authority, just come to know that you most-probably have done such a violation. Nevertheless, you could still appeal the suspension of your channel, if you believe that it was terminated in error.

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