How to report a YouTube video

Youtube copyright claim: Learn how to do that

Youtube copyright claim: How to initiate the process

You have put a lot of efforts in creating your own videos, but someone simply reuploaded them onto their channel? Learn how to report them and take the allegedly infringing videos down by Youtube copyright claim. You need to take actions in the following manner:

(1) While watching a video from someone else’s channel, you have just discovered that it was copied from yours and now you decide to report it. Well, in order to do that, you need to go to the lower portion of the video screen and hit the ‘more’ button, then ‘report’ option.

Youtube copyright claimYoutube copyright claim

(Make sure that you have logged into a youtube account under the gmail address which represents the channel whose video has been stolen. This is mandatory to submit Youtube copyright claim.) You will get to see the following options:

Youtube copyright claim

When you are on Youtube copyright claim page

You choose ‘Infringes my copyright’ under ‘Infringes my rights’ option and then hit the submit button. You’ll directed to the following page with url which is the Youtube copyright claim page.

Youtube copyright claim
Youtube’s copyright page

This time you hit the ‘Submit a copyright complaint’ button. You’ll reach the ultimate page with url (you can directly come to this page by simply typing this url into the address bar of your browser).

Youtube copyright claim
Choose an option to report a particular video

You choose ‘Copyright infringement (someone copied my creation)’ and ‘I am’ options. Remember that you can not submit a copyright infringement notice on somebody else’s behalf, unless you somehow represent that person. Even if you represent that person, in order to report a copyright infringement on their behalf, you’ll need to log into the youtube account that represents the channel whose video has been stolen. This is just a part of the process for Youtube copyright claim.

Youtube copyright claim
Enter the details of your original video and the infringing video to be removed

Giving details of the original and infringing videos

In the next section of the ‘copyright’ page, you’ll be filling details of the stolen video. If the video was directly reuploaded, then you’ll choose the option ‘My Youtube video was reuploaded by another user’. Also you enter the url of the pirated/duplicated video (allegedly infringing video to be removed) and that of your original video. Now you can choose an option between ‘Entire video’ (if your entire video was stolen. In this case the alleged video will be equal to or lengthier than your original video) and ‘Time stamps’ (if your video was partially stolen). If you choose ‘Time stamps’, then just know that these ‘Time stamps’ represent the ones of the pirated/duplicate video, not your original video.

If only the audio portion of your video was stolen

Now learn to do Youtube copyright claim if only the audio portion of your video was stolen. In this case you’ll choose ‘other’ instead of ‘My Youtube video was reuploaded by another user’.

Youtube copyright claim
Choose a particular type of copyright infringement

In the ‘Type of copyrighted work’ box. you will write ‘Audio of a video of youtube channel’. Then you will give the title of your original video. In the ‘Additional information’ box, you will write “The url of my original video is***. That guy just downloaded my video, converted it into an mp3 file, merged that with another video file and reuploaded.” You could use a little bit different language or even your own language of description. Whatever you choose to write, it has to be within 200 words.

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I just used the above-mentioned language and had youtube authority to take countless videos down. So to me, this is a ‘working’ language in case only the audio portion of a certain youtube video is stolen. Lastly you will need to mention whether the stolen content is present in the entire video or a part of it. If it is present only in a part of the alleged video, then you need to mention the time stamps (like 0:30-3:30).

Youtube copyright claim
Enter your (copyright claimant) personal details

Giving the copyright claimant’s details

Now you need to provide the copyright holder’s name. It is necessary because this name will be shown in the place where the video has been taken down. This could be either your official name or your channel’s name. I personally prefer to provide my official name here. I have a feeling that if the culprit (who stole the video) gets to know my channel’s name, they might come up with their gang to randomly flag my videos/channel and thus could have their revenge by getting my channel suspended.

Anyway, in the ‘Authority to make this complaint’ section, you need to enter ‘Creator and proprietor of the video’, because you may not submit a copyright claim on behalf of someone else (individual). But you can submit a claim on behalf of a company, if you somehow represent that company. In that case, your role might be different, like ‘legal adviser’. After that you need to fill in your personal details.

Youtube copyright claim
Enter your (copyright claimant) personal details (continued)

Confession of your sincerity and confidence about the copyright claim

This time you need to tick a few boxes, by doing which you take full responsibility if any forgery attempt in submission process is found (like submitting a false intentional copyright claim). In that case your youtube account might be terminated. That’s why it is best not to attempt any such claim. Even if you submit a true copyright claim and then in reply youtube authority says that they suspect you have given them fraudulent information, then it’s best to not choose to fight them on this issue and simply reply that ‘I hereby withdraw my claim for this video with url ….’. At least, this way you could save your channel.

Youtube copyright claim
Things that you have to confess before the submission

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