Google AdSense: Beware while linking your YouTube channel

Google AdSense
Google AdSense is a good way to earn money if used properly

Linking your channel with Google AdSense sometimes might be tricky

Linking your YouTube channel with your Google AdSense account might sound like a piece of cake. The thing is that you might be in a mess unless you know how to do it properly. Suppose you have two channels A, B from different gmail accounts and two Google AdSense accounts X, Y. X belongs to you and Y belongs to someone from your family, like your brother. A has access and authorization to X and B has access and authorization to Y.

Just consider the following scenario. While you were watching videos without logging in, all of a sudden you decided to log in. You logged in to YouTube account/channel A and later you added another YouTube account/channel B. You went to channel B’s monetization page. Upon seeing the details, you suspected that this channel might not have been properly monetized. So you clicked on ‘Review or change AdSense association’ link and you went through the steps that followed. Finally upon clicking on the ‘Accept association’ button, you were directed back to the channel’s monetization page. You thought you just got relieved. Well think again, ’cause you just made a mistake and your channel B was associated with the wrong Google AdSense account.

How this mistake happened? What should you be careful about?

This procedure would have got you to the correct association/result if you tried this for channel A, since this channel was logged in first. But this procedure would bring about undesired results for any further added channels. For any such channel, the association would have been with AdSense account X, which is the correct AdSense account for channel A (the first logged-in channel) and likely a wrong AdSense account for any channel (YouTube account) later added.

So the catch is this, if you are going to associate a channel with Google AdSense, or change its association, log in to JUST that YouTube channel/account and do not add any further account. In case further accounts are to be added, make sure that the channel/account that you’re about to associate with Google AdSense is the first-logged in channel during the association procedure.

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