YouTube channel url: How to find it and custom url

Make a note of your YouTube channel url right away

Your channel, active or suspended, has a url. Make a note of this ASAP while your channel is still active. Because, God forbids, if it ever gets suspended, you may choose to appeal the suspension. During that time (while filling the appeal form) you will need to provide with your YouTube channel url. Many people can not complete this appeal process just because they don’t know or find the url of their suspended channels.

It would be even a better practice to choose a custom url for your channel, if you’re eligible.  According to YouTube, to have a custom url for your channel, it needs to (1) have at least 100 subscribers, (2) be at least 30 days old, (3) have an uploaded photo as channel icon, (4) have uploaded channel art.

The information on mandatory upload of channel art is not correct, because in all my channels I used YouTube’s built-in channel arts found in the gallery section and never uploaded a single art from outside (my devices).

YouTube channel: What happens when it’s suspended

Going for custom url: Will it be a right decision?

Criteria numbers (3) and (4) are nothing, because anybody can have a channel icon and a channel art at any time they feel like. But having at least 100 subscribers and reaching the 30 days milestone is a little bit challenging. Yet it is achievable if you put efforts into promoting your channel. In some cases, we have experienced that YouTube allows to have a custom url if the channel has simply 100 or more subscribers, even if it is not 30 days old yet. That might be a rare case.

Anyway, once your channel is eligible for custom url, just go for it, unless you have plans to change your channel’s name at a latter time. Choose such url which is easy to remember. Should it be, for some reason, not easy to remember, then you need to make a note of it on somewhere, like ms word, notepad, or even in an email account.


Know how to find your suspended YouTube channel url

Now if your YouTube channel has been terminated, you need to have its url to appeal the suspension. A good technique to find your terminated channel’s url is that you previously subscribe each of your channels from other channels, so that once a particular channel is terminated you could still visit its homepage and copy its url as per your need.

In case you were not that wise in the first place to have all your YouTube channels subscribed to one another, then the first thing you should do is to take a look at the history of your browser. There at some point you may see the link to your channel. [Look at the picture below]

youtube channel url

If you don’t see your channel’s link in your browser’s history, then you can do the followings to have it. This procedure works both for primary and brand channels. [Click on the immediately following link and read the full article to know what primary and brand channels are, unless you already knew it.]

Link to the very first article of this blog

(1) Sign into your gmail associated with your primary channel. Go to the upper-right corner and click on the icon of your account. You’ll see the following menu.

youtube channel url

(2) Click on the blue ‘My Account’ link. You’ll be directed to the following page. Now click on the image icon found in the upper-right corner of the screen. A pop-up drop-down menu will emerge where you will see all your accounts (both primary and brand) under this particular gmail. Just click on the one which is associated with the YouTube channel you’re looking for the url of. (This way you’re basically switching between accounts.)

youtube channel url

(3) At the right side, in the ‘Account preferences’ section, click on the link ‘Delete your account or services’.

youtube channel url

(4) You’ll be directed to this page, where you will be clicking on the ‘Delete products’ link.

youtube channel url

(5) Now click on the ‘YouTube’ section. (don’t worry yet)

youtube channel url

(6) You’ll be directed to the following page where you’ll be clicking on the name (which is a link with blue text) of your desired/targeted YouTube channel.

youtube channel url

(7) You’ll be directed to your channel’s homepage, suspended or active. Now you can surely copy the url of your channel, can’t you?

If you would like a little bit of assistance in understanding the above procedure properly, feel free to watch the following YouTube video.

Now that you have learned to find your suspended YouTube channel url, you can go ahead with the termination appeal process. It’s depicted in the following article:

How to properly appeal the suspension of your channel

Here are some important updates

Recently we have found some changes in the appeal form; they NO longer seem to ask for the suspended YouTube channel url. But if you have multiple channels under the same gmail id, then it’s better to include that url in the appeal text (the reason why you think your channel was terminated in error). In that case the appeal text might be as follows:

“My channel with url*** didn’t violate any community guidelines. So the suspension took place as a result of error/misunderstanding. Please review into my case and reinstate that YouTube channel. ”

YouTube community guidelines appeal text: In case you got community strikes

Youtube channel url may not be required for brand account appeal

If your channel is a suspended/terminated brand account, then you don’t need to find its url, if you choose to go through the following procedure of suspension appeal instead. It’s much simpler compared to the process whose link is given above.

Brand account appeal: Learn how to do that

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